Heavy Duty Curved Neck Hollowing adapter with 5/8" shank $55 USD; No International Shipping

This tool is designed for captive boring bars only!

Any tool used improperly can cause damage and personal injury!

Curved Neck End Grain Hollowing tool with adapter, notice in this video, I am using the tool very aggressively which is not recommended!


PDF Boring Bar Magazine Article November 2014.pdf

PDF is available for download on the drop-down box PDF & Videos

Heavy Duty Curved Neck Hollowing adapter with 3/4" x 12" long adapter $55 USD; No International Shipping

$25 USD

 No International Shipping

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Curved Neck Hollowing Tool $45 USD​; No International Shipping

Midwest Wood Art

Custom Shank sizes are available at no extra cost!

Tenon Tool Adapter

3/8" to 1 1/4" capacity


Standard Curved Neck Hollowing adapter x 5/8" shank $45 USD; No International Shipping

No International ShippingHeavy Duty Curved Neck Hollowing adapter with 3/4" shank $55 USD; No International Shipping