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Have you Just started woodturning and want an idea what of what  to buy?

I do not claim to be an expert nor am I paid to promote or recommend products, but below I will list some resources I believe are great for beginning woodturners.

There are many very good lathes on the market.  Jet is a great woodlathe for the money, but they cost more than the following lathes.  I haven't had any experience with Laguna or Grizzly lathes though they are priced right, and I don't recommend Craftsman or Delta lathes. I do love my Powermatic 3520 A woodlathe
(http://www.powermatic.com/Products.aspx?Part=1352001)and now I own a Robust American Beauty (http://www.turnrobust.com/).

Rikon 70-100 midi Lathe http://rikontools.com/productpage_70-100.html​.I like this lathe for doing very small work since it is well made and inexpensive. Shop around for the best price!

Harbor Freight Tools 8" x 12" Bench Top Wood Lathe,http://www.harborfreight.com/8-inch-x-12-inch-bench-top-wood-lathe-95607.html

Harbor Freight Tools 5 Speed Bench Top Wood Lathe http://www.harborfreight.com/5-speed-bench-top-wood-lathe-65345.html

Recommendations for lathe tools/gouges:
There are so many name brands on the market, that is is impossible to say that one name is the standard.  I own some of the top name brands and like them, but for my school shop, I have found that the following work well without braking the bank. Whatever you do, don’t buy anything except (HSS) high speed steel.  Carbon steel doesn't hold an edge well and they will need to be resharpened too often and are subject to softening if you aren't real careful about getting them hot.  High Speed Steel does not have the problem.  Leave the Buck Brothers tools in the drawer or sell them to a collector.

For the best price: Set of 8 Benjamin's Best HSS Lathe Chisel Set, Item #: LCHSS8    http://www.pennstateind.com/store/lchss8.html Or: WoodRiver High Speed Steel Beginner's 5 Piece Turning Set, Item #145913http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2005238/13699/WoodRiver-High-Speed-Steel-Beginners-5-Piece-Turning-Set.aspx

Sharpening: Sharpen often.  With a woodlathe, if the tool is just a little bit dull, it is WAY TOO DULL.  If in doubt, stop and sharpen. Sharpening: The easiest way to do this is with the following.  Don’t try and save money, just get this set up and sharpening will be easy and quick. Best for the price: (I wouldn’t shop any further!) 8in Slow Speed Grinder, Item #150780, http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2080939/29437/8in-Slow-Speed-Grinder.aspx Wolverine Grinding Jig, http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2001998/2509/Wolverine-Grinding-Jig.aspx You will also need: The Vari Grind Jig

Chucks:I love 4-Jaw chuck's. It is possible to do just about everything with a face plate and some turners won't use anything except a faceplate, but I believe a chuck makes life so much easier. 1" x 8 TPI Apprentice 4-Jaw Chuck 8 Piece Set:http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/p/100/1111/Apprentice-4-Jaw-Chuck-8-Piece-Set?term=chucks%20lathe 1" x 8 TPI Self-Centering 4-Jaw Chuck: Grizzly.comBe sure and get the other size jaws......

For sanding: I use a drill and a Sanding disc holder: http://www.2sand.com/en/3inch-sanding-disc-holder-hook-loop.html
Hook and loop sandpaper: Online Industrial Supply: http://www.onlineindustrialsupply.com/holosaro.html​

Knobs for fixtures:
Need knobs for fixtures?
 Here is a great source: http://www.woodpeck.com/knobs.html #539

 Cheap foam brushes for finishing: 

Oddball stuff that you can't find anywhere else!


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